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Trading Play #52: The Midlife Crisis

Trading Play #52: The Midlife Crisis

Throw out those moldy oldies and pick yourself up some young, fresh talent with high upside.

Simon Groeneveld
Simon Groeneveld
Skill Level ⭐️
Risk Low
Attracts League mates who are in win-now mode.
Success Rate 50%
Requirements A big name player who may be over the hill.
Formats Dynasty, Keeper


Does your fantasy team have one or more players approaching their "Sell By" date? Do you occasionally wake up and think, "My fantasy team would've slapped 10-15 years ago."? Are you tired of hearing the same retirement narrative every off-season?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The Midlife Crisis is the play for you. Throw out those moldy oldies and pick yourself up some young, fresh talent with high upside.

Trade out that reliable minivan for a sexy new sports car.

The Play

  1. Identify at least one player on your roster who is getting close to his "Sell By" date.
  2. Identify a league mate whose team may be weak at the position of your player and who has younger players or draft picks that you'd like to target. Bonus points if your league mate has a "win now" mentality.
  3. Identify assets on your league mate's roster whose potential upside outweighs the loss of production from your old man player.
  4. Start talking trades, but make sure you're taking the time to understand how your league mate values your moldy oldies you're trying to sell and the hot, young assets that you're trying to acquire. Your players may be old, but they may be exactly what she needs to push her to a title this year.

Potential Pitfalls

  • It’s possible you may wake up one day and realize your impulse purchase was a mistake.
  • Your former geriatric player may turn out to be viable for longer than you think. Or, your brand-new baby asset might not have the ceiling you had hoped for.